The author

Malaestrella was born of the need to escape routine and the restrictions of “normality” and to venture over to the side of risk and that which is different… To place oneself in a position which in the absence of commitments means being able to say NO.

A personal challenge and a vote in favour of free choice. A homage to the underdogs of rock, to rebel and critical philosophy movements, to Max Estrella and to the last racer on the track.

Malaestrella is an artistic and artisan product. When you acquire a Malaestrella item, you gain a unique piece of art which must be treasured and cared for with the attention that it deserves. Though it is not intended for excess usage, your piece should last you a lifetime if you take care of it and avoid dropping it.

Malaestrella is not only a sculptor who is grateful to all of those who choose to trust in his project and enable its development. It is also a team made up of the two most important people to share in that sculptor’s life today, without whom none of the rest would have been possible.